Super Compact Cobra

Fast. Powerful. Versatile. Precise. All the features you're looking for in a professional, heavy-duty engraver in one tool.

With the easy to use yet super-strong Cobra, the world of designs on concrete is literally at your feet.

Whether you choose geometric layouts, linear or circular brick, slate, tile or any of thousands of other patterns, Cobra puts you ahead of the decorative concrete competition and on the cutting edge of profits.


  • Straight Lines

  • Track Free Cutting

  • Borders

  • Brick

  • Circular Brick

  • Free Form Curves

  • Square Tile

  • Circular Tile

  • Diamond Tile

  • Random Ashlar Slate

  • Cobblestone

  • Cobblestone Fan Patterns

  • Geometric Designs

  • Multi-Sided Shapes

  • Perfect Circles – using center pivot

  • Perfect Arcs – using center pivot

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