Smith's 4-1 Overlay

Smith’s 4 In 1 Overlay is a single bag formula dry mix requiring only addition of water to produce a permanent bonding cement overlay for both interior and exterior installations. This unique mix does not require a bond coat, and allows the installer to apply the product as a stamped overlay, spray texture, trowel substrate or vertical surface. Smith’s 4 in 1 Overlay is suitable for applications from vehicular traffic to residential flooring and countertops. Its heat reduction characteristics make Smith’s 4 in 1 Overlay an excellent product for pool decks and patios. Do not freeze.

Water only – no more additive waste

Horizontal & Vertical applications

High polymer modification

Multiple applications – 1 bag

Superior performance

High strength (rated for vehicle traffic)

Interior and Exterior application

Saves time and labor

Technical Documents
Product Data Sheet / Application Instructions

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