Seamless Roman Slate 3' X 3'

If Caesar were alive today he would have said, "I came, I saw, I concreted" after witnessing Proline's Seamless Roman Slate. Designed for the Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, a star was born. Proline's Roman Slate is now the standard in the industry. Copied by many, but none can hold a candle to this original favorite. Proline uses a special formula in it's manufacturing - making the stamps lighter in weight yet more durable. Our seamless textures, with the exception of touch up size, come with handles for easier application. Proline was the innovator of the seamless texture skins, make to overlap each other for a simple application. Roman Slate is a great pattern for any area-inside and out. You can't beat the classics - Roman Slate continues to be the favorite pick among Proline customers. We offer our seamless textures in 6 varieties of sizes and textures. See: 4RS, 3RS, 24RS, 2RS, 2RSF. Also check out our large selection of Border Art stamps and Band Tools for accents.

3' X 3' approx. 

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