Imperial Stucco Mix Finish Coat

Kingdom Products’ Imperial Stucco Mix is an engineered, one component, polymer modified stucco system formulated to provide a long lasting, durable and water resistant finish.  Imperial Stucco Mix-Finish Coat (FC) is a fiber reinforced material intended for application over the ‘brown coat’. Use Imperial Stucco Mix-FC to achieve a smooth look or a traditional dash finish. Imperial Stucco Mix-FC is integrally pigmented during the blending process to ensure a uniform look through each and every bag.  *NOTE: Imperial Stucco Mix-FC is not intended to be used as a wear surface or for controlling slab on grade moisture issues. Imperial Stucco Mix-FC  is intended for vertical use only.

Water Resistant – Polymer modified – Exterior Use

One Component – Easy to apply – Can be pigment to achieve desired color

Can be used as a patching material for traditional stucco finish prior to final coat application

Available in 50lbs Bags – Colors-White – Tan and Gray

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